Reviewing the Journey
Monday, November 17, 2003
I have a few things streaming through my head right now. Andrew Jones' blog Tall Skinny Kiwi referenced a book speaking of the church in terms of residual and emergent. I like that. The other is the name "Mirth." A restaurant opened in town by the name of Mirth. While under construction, the sign on the door said "Emerging Soon." I thought what a great name for a church... "MIRTH." IMO that explains how we should view the Church, it should be a place of Joy and merriment, even in the bad times. But just a thought.
Tuesday, September 09, 2003

My daughter's words to her mother yesterday. Her reasoning, she didn't have enough time to spend with daddy golfing and doing stuff, and now that school is back there is no spare time. That hit me hard on several levels.

1. My daughter desires time with daddy, and we need more of it. But, how much time have I wasted rather than spending summer time hours with her?

2. How many times have I wasted some time just to fill space when I could have been the child spending the summer time hours with my Lord?

I wish it was still summer. Those words hit me hard because I create my seasons with God. If I'll just stop being busy, everyday can be summer.
Monday, August 11, 2003
Welcome to my journey,

i don't expect anyone to read this, but hopefully it will help me sort out ideas and grow them. So I begin with two things:

1) Idols: Yesterday's message made me realize that I really do have some high places that need to be toppled. I must continue to look for ways to bring down the idols, and exalt the truth I have in Christ.

2) Social Justice: Sabrina's experience stories from this summer reminded me just how pathetic americans are as a people. I need to focus on what I can do to help affect social injustice. Time to pray, and read and study..

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